Innovating the Food Industry: Our Highlights from PLMA Amsterdam

This year’s PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association) trade show in Amsterdam was not just a gathering of global industry leaders but a showcase of cutting-edge food solutions, where we proudly presented our latest product innovations. PLMA has long been a pivotal event for companies like ours that are dedicated to shaping the future of the food industry through innovative and proactive market responses.

At our booth in Hall 5 (5.Q14), we introduced a variety of new offerings that underline our commitment to quality and innovation. Among the highlights were our gluten-free pasta and diverse “free-from” product lines, designed to meet the growing consumer demand for dietary-specific food options.

Product Innovations Steal the Spotlight

Our booth featured several standout innovations:

  • Smashed Veggies and Flame Roasted Veggies: These products represent our latest efforts to cater to the health-conscious consumer, offering delicious, easy-to-prepare vegetable dishes with enhanced flavors thanks to unique preparation methods.
  • Meals Solutions: Promising a homestyle experience, meeting the new trends of “cooking at home” and bringing comfort and convenience to consumers kitchen.
  • Plain Gluten-Free Pasta: made in our new gluten-free pasta facility, with three production lines for short, long and filled pasta.

The reception to our new line of gluten-free, cauliflower-based products was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting our ability to innovate and respond to market trends.

Why PLMA Amsterdam Matters to Us

PLMA Amsterdam is more than just a trade show; it’s a crucial platform for networking, learning, and showcasing new products. For us, it represents an opportunity to affirm our position as a leader in the food industry, dedicated to innovation and proactive market engagement. The event allows us to connect with international buyers, gain insights into industry trends, and align our offerings with the evolving consumer preferences.

Looking Forward

As we wrap up another successful participation at PLMA Amsterdam, we are energized by the feedback and interest shown in our new products. We remain committed to being at the forefront of the food industry, continuously innovating and adapting to ensure we meet and exceed market demands.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to expand our product lines and explore new ways to deliver exceptional food solutions that cater to all.

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