Emilia Foods’ Operations department carefully sources and acquires top-quality raw materials, both for our products and for their packaging.

A little bit of everything

Currently, our team is assembled by six people. One department coordinator, one inventory analyst (based in the US) responsible for demand forecasting and inventory planning, two production planners who oversee production planning and organization from raw material supply to container booking for shipment, and two shipment/distribution specialists in charge of shipping monitoring, delivery arrangements, and relationship with third parties’ warehouses.

High Demand? No Problem

We are able to link our co-packers to the international customers, taking care of all the planning and demand forecasting issue. Our professionalism and experience allows us to be capable of matching productive constraints with the demand variability. We can manage almost any kind of supply chain structure, working with all the Incoterms. The team delivers the products from supplier to customer in any place and quantity they may need.

Because the operations department is expected to handle all the critical issues of the supply chain, by keeping the fill rate close to 100% and maintaining the lead time defined on contracts, the team has gone through several challenges to accomplish the aforementioned tasks due to certain events that have been taking place recently, which helped us become a stronger company.

An Opportunity for Growth

Since the year 2021, the logistic industry worldwide has become tougher, with difficulties in finding containers, port congestions, huge price increases, lack of space in warehouses, and many other similar scenarios.

In 2022, the food industry also entered a raw material and energy crisis, with co-packers lead time going up and product prices growing. Despite going through such difficult times, the operations department is still able to maintain a 98.5% fill rate, to ship almost 40 containers per month and work together with R&D and Sales team to accelerate the launch of new products for our customer. We’re keeping the shelves full while our adversities would like to claim otherwise.

Thanks to these opportunities for the team to evolve, we are now capable of reaching a level of flexibility and ability to adapt to new situations and procedures that is rarely seen in other working environments. The team takes care of all the customers, from biggest to smallest, with the same amount of attention and dedication.

Providers of Details

We bring the first information needed for projects’ retro-planning . We give to the project manager the transit time for shipment, the co-packer production lead time, the raw material and packaging supply lead time. Matching that information with the customer’s expected delivery date, we work very hard with shippers and suppliers to reduce the lead time and satisfy the customer’s expectations.

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