Project Management

Our commercial department is in charge of assuring our clients that their projects are being handled as efficiently as possible. They are the ones in charge of exposing the needs of our clients to the various departments and follow all procedures in detail from start to finish.


Our sales department is focused, on the one hand, on scouting and approaching existing or potentially new customers in order to present our products and capabilities. We have our own ways of reaching out to new customers; food shows, database (Pipedrive, for instance), and work trips are the most common. 

On the other hand, we also take care of multiple project managements we bring in by means of utilizing different tools and software, and coordinating with other teams.

A More Pragmatic Approach

Considering that the sales department is formed by international, flexible, and customer-oriented people, we always got 100% availability to travel on a global scale and meet our customers face-to-face so that we are able to be aligned on the development of new projects, and to discover solutions for any type of issue or problem that may arise. 

One of the most important elements that represent our strength is the capability to build a bridge between the producers and the final customers by providing added value services.

You Can Count On Us

The customer expects prompt and fast replies, proposals of added value and groundbreaking products, but most of all, they expect us to enable them to have a trustworthy partner which can provide the right answer at the right time. 

We have a great passion for finding the way to enjoy working together as a team, and with customers as well; this attitude helps us overcome difficulties with more ease. As a highlight, it is worth mentioning that the customer orientation we possess is of great assistance when it comes to transforming obstacles into opportunities.

Always Up To Date

We study the investigation of the competition to make sure we focus on the right product to offer; we do cost analysis to enable management control and purchasing to match the requested target cost. 

By having contact with the customers, the team is able to feel and comprehend what is urgent and what can be done later on, so we attempt to contribute to the teamwork by establishing priorities and cooperating with R&D, QA, marketing, and all of the sales team to develop solutions while keeping an eye to what the customer needs.

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